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VARAD AGRI TECH LIMITED (VATL) established in the year 1996 with the aim to produce trustworthy premium quality seeds to ensure their timely supply. VATL is ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and produces and supplies Agricultural seeds as well as Agricultural produce to Indian and Overseas buyers.

A) Our Agricultural seeds include:

Oil Seeds: Groundnut, Sunflower,Safflower,Castor,Soya Bean & Sesame

Cereals Seeds: Paddy and Hybrid Paddy (Non Basmati), Bajra (Pearl Millet), Maize, Raagi (Finger Millet)

Pulses Seeds: Bengal gram, Green gram, Black Gram, Red Gram & Horse gram

Vegetable Seeds : Chillies, Tomato, Brinjal, Bitter gourd, Bottle Gourd, Okra, Cluster beans & French bean

Forage Plant Seeds: Sorghum Sudan Grass, Piper Sudan Grass & Cow pea.

B) Agricultural Commodities include:

Oil Seeds: Groundnut, Sunflower,Safflower,castor & Soya Bean, Sesame

Cereals: Rice (Non Basmati),Bajra (Pearl Millet), Maize, Wheat

Pulses: Bengal gram & Horse gram, Chick Peas

Spices: Dry Red Chillies,Coriander, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Turmeric etc.

Fruit: Mangoes, <Musk Melon

Others: Tamarind